I also think its a very generic smell for the price. btw this is reformulated. I am here to write about my journey with this scent. After years of Niche fragrances and passing this by in department stores, it took 2020 lockdown for me to finally test this famed perfume in earnest. For a very long time, I did not use it much, because I was repelled by the fact how popular it is, I like to smell not only great, but also original. I’m sorry, but I’ve never felt this physically ill from a perfume before. It was my guilty pleasure for home use. packaging is gorg too. Technically perfect. A philosophy of life and happiness or universal declaration to the beauty of life. One of the gourmand fragrance for women. "La vie est belle," a French expression meaning "life is beautiful," is about choosing your own path to happiness. In my imagination people who love LVEB are very fond of junk food and are not frightened to eat up a huge amout of sweets. I’m not a fan of sweet scents so beware if this is biased. I can imagine wearing this on my wedding day, as it perfectly embodies womanhood, and would be sure to radiate. Shop a wide range of Perfume products and more at our online shop today. To me this is watery, sugary pear with heavy Iris and jasmine. By now everything has been said about LVEB,it is stil a beautiful fragrance,extremely popular but for a reaon.With the launch of Idole,LVEB has been put to one side for awhile but even if Idole is indeed a lovely scent I do not think it will be as succesful as LVEB.I hope there will be more flankers in the future so far they all have been so good. This is going to be a pass for me. I know it’s very ‘basic’ in that she’s one of the “popular girls”, and it’s not particularly adventurous or totally individualistic, but I have an affinity to this overly sweet, yummy, girly goodness. For this reason, it will always be special. Oh and lasts all day, just gorgeous. I’d like to try more of the flankers to see if I can find my favourite. I always get compliments and people regularly ask me what I am wearing and are surprised when I say LVEB. yes this is a basic smell but i love it! Actually I had tried this at Sephora, I sprayed it on paper, I really like this scent but it was so strong that it gave me mild headache. If LA Vie Belle could talk she would enter a room and say "At last, I have arrived, you may be seated now". I used to smell overwhelming patchouli, which ruined it for me. Technically brilliant and reportedly made from fine raw materials, LVEB is fatally flawed because it is so monstrously loud. For me there is a huge similarity with Flowerbomb edp by Viktor and Rolf, i like LVEB better though. I finished half of the 100ml bottle and gave it away as it was becoming too sweet cloying and patchouli heavy. My skin is oddly picky with gourmand type scents. When I try it on I just feel; "meh". Better still, it’s the longest lasting fragrance I own and I always get compliments when I wear it. Edible candy, yet very grown up and sophisticated, not at all too young. I can’t find anything redeeming about it besides the strong projection, but even then with a fragrance this intensely nauseating that is a huge con for me. In the summer heat it might get cloying. La Vie Est Belle has fragrance notes of iris spring flowers and the intoxicating earthiness of patchouli. It created a new genre of fragrances inspired by it. Definitely a crowd pleaser. I felt a second review was in order as LVEB has become my signature fragrance. You expect a sweet gourmand vanilla praline perfume and all you get is burnt patchouli with a hint of Jasmin and pear in the background. I don't know what it is but I cannot get into this one. This must be the epitome, the quintessence of cloying, sugary, heart sickening sweetness. I wanted to know this perfume from the top notes to the base but it triggered a headache I had to scrub off after 30 mins. It is too sweet, I feel like I smell 'dirty' - like I am trying to cover up sweat or something. And why do so many people wear it? The bottle is really lovely with heavy, contoured glass. It captivates you from the beggining to the end and leaves a lasting impression. Well crap,,I guess I can’t wear it.... I get a lot of compliments on this. Unfortunately doesn't work with my chemistry. The iris is wrapped in consoling sweet praline. I can also smell praline. Sitting on the couch watching tv with my fam, all of a sudden I started to smell creamy vanilla Ice Cream somewhere near me, & looked around to see who was eating it but nobody was... it was my wrists & it smelled lovely unlike any other perfume I’ve tried over the last couple of years since I quit LVEB. I bought this 50ml perfume last week. It is similar to Coco Mademoiselle but I think LVEB turns on my skin and smells cheap. The first thing I smelled when I sprayed this was weirdly cherry Sprite to the point where I could almost smell carbonation from the projection. What a waste of money. I have never tried it before until yesterday. Wish I hadn't bought it now. I have fallen in love while wearing this fragrance, the complements I have received from this fragrance is unreal as well. I didn´t like it at first, but it dries wonderfully. But boy was that a mistake - this just does not suit my skin! If liking this makes me basic I want to run to the window and scream, “I’m basic! I already have severely dry skin and fragrance just leaves the building within an hour or two, but this was one that could overpower my dryness. I remember smelling this when it first came out but I've never owned a bottle until now, a couple of months into UK lockdown. It's quite difficult to distinguish the notes in this one; I'd say it smells like blackcurrant, orange blossom and vanilla. I don’t understand the hype. The vanilla does start to amp up further into the dry down. In the original version, praline with currant and patchouli reigned, in the new version, praline with tonka and patchouli. Maybe my sample was off? I have had a complicated relationship with this perfume, mostly because I love it so much but I don’t want to smell common. It's also the first fragrance he has ever bought me in my fragrance journey. I remember smelling it for the first time on a paper tester in a magazine - I was convinced that it is the most beautiful scent to ever exist, It was just so pleasing, clean and sweet and uplifting. I feel like La Vie Est Belle had so much potential but this perfume is dazed, and confused, there is no balance, it's straight up powdery Iris. The final formula is the result achieved after three years of probation and 5000 versions. I possibly get some tonka bean which adds that hint of ‘smokeyness’ or ‘toasted’, or maybe even a little nutty background. My goodness, they are so good together! I think the problem is many people overspray it, I just put a small dab on the inside of my elbows and it lasts for hours. Overtly sweet, generic, bad. Then there’s a strong vibe of burnt marshmallows, like when you get them really charred and only eat the charred part. So, so very sweet. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle coffret cad... (. The iconic fragrance celebrates this holiday season with a new, sparkling limited edition bottle. A pass for me. This is a bright clean, loud fruity fragrance upon first spray, the same way Oscar by Oscar de la Renta is a bright loud fragrance upon its initial spray. 244 likes. This was one of the first repurchases. Anyways, old but gold. She loved the perfume, but her husband couldn't stand it. But then seeing it everywhere and giving it a second and third chance I realised I needed to have it. I am down the middle on this. I don't dislike the smell but theres something a bit sickly about it after smelling it for a few hours. True olfactory hardcore! I’m not into floral perfumes and thankfully this one isn’t too floral. Smells yummy in the bottle though. The praline and vanilla is very prominent in this perfume and so is the black currant. It smells like perfume, vaguely as in "this person is wearing perfume and it smells sweet but there's nothing really standing out about it apart from the fact that it is, indeed, perfume". Not even close. La Vie Est Belle was created by Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo. Like an old lady who has overperfumed herself because her sniffer doesn't work so well anymore. I am not trying to offend anybody but, the honest way I see it, wearing this - perfume - is a crime. now I would recognise it, but I did not have it then. I like the scent quite a lot on its own merits, too. PROS: Elegant, STRONG, subtly sweet SPICEY and warm, well blended and smells rich. Not sure if it just doesn’t mix well on my skin but it gives me cough syrup vibes. Luckily I cannot detect the patchouli in this (I dislike patchouli) it settles so well on my skin and lasts all day! The tonka bean is light, thank goodness because I find that note to often be cloying. I don't smell the pear, jasmine, or black currant. 3. I personally loved it because i'm a huge fan of strong, sweet, intoxicating scents. Not what I expected from Lancome. On every single point. I'm a male and I wear this shite lmao, to me it's smells very vanilla with a hint of praline and Tonka bean . I just wished it wasn't that popular. It is syrupy sweet, more on fruity side, I don't think it smells spicy like other people wrote. This fragrance is sugar with no flavor. And the smell itself has changed. I will start with a bottle, because there is a visible difference on it. Absolutely beautiful. I remember 5 years ago when I first smelt it, it was love at first sniff and I have never regretted adding it to my collection. Overspray and it will give you and everyone around you a blinding headache. Charlotte from Sex and the City. I owned a full bottle of flowerbomb a few years ago and sure these two perfumes share a similar vibe but honestly to me this one smells a lot like blackberry syrup for a while which makes me absolutely adore it. I think it is very sweet, but so pretty. I tried this perfume many times because we had this tester at work and it was sprayed a lot and I must admit I dislike it. You have to be able to stomach sickly sweet scents to enjoy this... it’s stroooong and aggressively sugary. Unfortunately, this no longer suits my newly unisex-leaning taste. For a reasonably priced designer mainstream fragrance, this is not bad. Now I just love this scent in winter time. How to say la vie est belle in English? Whether it’s overrated and everyone wears, its for good reason. This and Tresor are the most complementary perfume hands down! It’s way too popular for its own good, but there is a reason why this is a best selling perfume in the world. I love this fragrance. Other than that this is a win for Lâncome! Alors quoiqu’il arrive j’relève la tête, sa d’mande beaucoup d’effort. La rive is a duoe brand that cooperates with big name brands, so they are very legitimate. I have definitely found a new favorite and I'm glad I finally tried it! Although they are associated with iris candies, they smell noble and elegant. Later it turns into a sweeter vanilla base that lasts and lasts. Since it is a more simply sweet perfume now, however you do still smell that it is La Vie Est Belle. This absolutely does not smell like Flowerbomb. I asked my husband to smell a bunch of perfumes and decide which he would rather me wear on a date night out and after smelling 50 perfumes, he chose this one as his favorite. It took me almost a year to buy this because of many negative reviews. SERIOUSLY WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR. La vie est belle" is a French expression meaning life is beautiful. Too sticky-sweet. Probably because I've smelled it many times before in department stores and the like. I was LVEB hater, but now I’m a lover. Good god, such an overhyped cheap scent. I only get a whiff of vanilla towards the very end or when I exhale after breathing in the perfume. synthetic, it has no character. A beautiful coworker of mine wears this, she is quite feminine with long thick hair. It’s sweet and inoffensive. I actually love the body wash that I receive when I purchased the perfume (and I usually never like perfume-scented body washes). Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Attendu par les fans depuis plusieurs mois, il est annoncé le 17 juin 2020 via une vidéo sur les réseaux sociaux, soit I bought this after I watched Gabby Loves Perfume youtube channel, she mentioned about many people suddenly hate this perfume because it is so popular which I think is true. 17,777 votes. The longevity and sillage is great! Overly heavy patchouli with a hint of vanilla and flowers. (I used to be one of those people BTW), This is a nice girlish bottle and inside of this I can smell coco mademoiselle with flower bomb and in the drydown a little bit of angel. it's still the best sillage performer out there. Beautiful, but I can't say I care much for them because they remind me strongly of high-end Laura Ashley room spray circa 1996. 90s flowers showing up. La Vie Est Belle is without a doubt a very memorable and impactful sweet and insisting scent, that especially men seem to LOVE, so I am not here to bash it, because it obviously has its qualities. If I’m being honest, this smells like a Halls Fruit Breezer cough drop. French Restaurant. Top notes are Black Currant and Pear; middle notes are iris, Jasmine and Orange Blossom; base notes are Praline, Vanilla, Patchouli and Tonka Bean. Projection is a few feet, sillage can be 2+ days on clothes. I did not think that this would work, my best friend showed me this website, and it does! It's a perfume of quality. But I recall how I wanted to strangle myself when I tested it because it just wouldn't go away no matter what I did. It’s a classic, timeless beauty suitable for all ages. In my opinion, it is the perfect bridal perfume. give it a try only if you can stand very strong gourmand smells, it has zero edge, but it's a really nice gourmand and it grew on me tbh. Online right now: 2054, Fragrantica in your language: It’s just delicious. It’s not too sexy for the office and it’s not too safe for a night out. I love trying different perfumes and can bounce around with scents a lot. perhaps would be a good scent for someone beginning to explore the perfume world, but doesn't require bravery to wear like some others. I honestly don't see how HSN, could say that this is on the way to becoming the Number 1 perfume in The United States, I feel like that belongs to Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture, that's the best perfume that has come out in the past 10 years, and I have owned over 1,000 different bottles of perfume in my life, have smelled many more than that. That says a lot. Some people doesn't seem to know how to handle this frag, so basically this is the new Escada! i love this perfume. They are practically twins, After all these years of asking myself what's that awful perfume so many women wear I realized today this is it. I don’t really smell praline and the vanilla isn’t the warm, gourmand vanilla I usually enjoy; like I say, it’s quite powdery. I really don`t understand the hype about this perfume.As somebody who really loves vanilla in perfumes, I can say that this is one of the worst vanilla fragrances ever. This reminds me of a modern age no. My husband has purchased this scent for me for Christmas. La Vie Est Belle is on Facebook. I just got this...seriously. I never knew I would enjoy pear in a perfume but it is done SO RIGHT in this one. I didnt care for it ..too screetchy! This is just gorgeous! Very long lasting and has good projection I just prefer the éclat flanker more. Years later I bought a bottle on my own. The iris seems to be dimmed down, and so is the projection. I’m usually into very sweet perfumes but at least on my skin it was like cough syrup. LVEB is so dang common it doesn't give you any uniqueness. And if ninety percent of the female population wears it, so what? Happening upon a young girl, Julia gifts her the box, accompanied by a warm embrace. I know that a lot of people wear this perfume, but I have to say, it’s inevitable. Also very heavy...i really dis like it nowadays. Any idea why? La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme brings to mind a couple of words: feminine, pretty, sweet. Inspired by this expression, La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum by Lancôme is an energizing floral perfume for women, made to express joyous femininity. It is a very well blended fragrance, however after spraying some today at a Lancome counter, it doesn’t smell the same anymore on me. And it makes me smile, just like its bottle :-). It makes me smile when I smell it. Awful, artificial, heavy and plastic like smell. La vie est belle seem to have great reviews and I do get compliments when I wear it. I have mixed feelings about this perfume. Disappointed :(. For those who love it, just use it. It’s too feminine for me, as I like little smoke/woods to my fragrances. In order to read or download indochine la vie est belle lyrics genius lyrics ebook, you need to create a FREE account. La Vie Est Belle is a treasure. Like, I can smell it on my sheets when I wash them at the end of the week strong. They reformulated in early 2020 and the new version smells more like Black Opium than like its original self, they ruined it in my opinion. I tried it once and I had to wash it off, it was so strong on me, purely vanilla. I know it's super mainstream and everybody wears it, but a perfume snob, I am not. This is such a beautiful scent with the fruitiness and powdery on top. La Vie est Belle is a very very sweet fragrance due to the vanilla, praline, and tonka. It turns on me after a little bit of time. Smelling this fragrance reminds me of that gross scene in Elf where Will Farrell eats spaghetti with maple syrup and smarties and marshmallows all scrambled together... puke-inducing. There are a lot of perfumes that smell similar to LVEB but there was always something deep and juicy, I always thought it was the black currant, that set this apart for me. The sweetness is syrupy to me. I LOVED this perfume when I had just started collecting, but lately I find I’ve gone off it a little bit. lasting power is promising, i get majority of the day wear from it. It turns way too sickly sweet on me, I have to wash it off because its not for me. One of the best fragrances of all times, the first one with a palatable STRONG sweet base, deplorably ruined by mass use. i'm not sure what ingredient is doing it for me- patouli and tonka bean perhaps? There is a reason this perfume is so popular. About this item Item Condition: 100% authentic, new and unused. I didn't like this when it first came out, I was definitely on Team Flowerbomb or Team Si before La Vie Est Belle. I’ve not been one to settle on an everyday scent because I always felt different perfumes went with different days or activities. You know it from the first moment you smell it. La Vie Est Belle is probably one of the most feminine high end label scents i can think of. There's no wood, no smoke, no dirtiness. Unfortunately, I don't see myself wearing it again as I risk suffocating everyone around me (including myself). This seems to be such a polarizing fragrance! Turns into the classic LVEB praline patchouli within 30 mins and stays that way for about 3 hours. Personally I like the very opening and the very very dry down it is quite pleasant, but anything in the middle is just a giant sugar chasing me with no direction. Extremely balanced gourmand! La Vie Est Belle was created by Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo. Please ignore the negative reviews and comments from some reviewers from YouTube, Fragrantica and etc. This perfume pairs well with hempz original lotion. Which gives me mixed feelings because I don't really enjoy wearing it. It doesn't smell worse than it used to. 2. If you've never tried a gourmand fragrance, I recommend trying this on your skin for a good while before you buy. This fragrance is so sharp and overpowering. Disappointing given the other fragrances from these perfumers. If you want to spend a little more, armaf, another legit dupe brand, has their version as well. I love how jasmine works with this yet its not at all floraly, it's definitely a true true gourmand. Well,,,wow! I can barely breathe wearing this, with only 4 sprays. It smelled lovely on the blotter, with a strong and sweet opening that quickly mellowed down to a very alluring scent. I am sad to say I will no longer be rebuying this & I wanted to warn people to not just rebuy this blindly(like me) when they run out to be careful before they buy. Not that it's bad, but I can't think natural beauty. It is soooo sweet it's overwhelming. Would be great as a présent because anyone would like it and great for special occasions and fancy events. or everybody will suffocate around you. This perfume is lovely, but it did not smell good on me. There is absolutely a good reason why it is the reigning queen of fragrance right now.. it just smells good, plain and simple. But one day I received a scented candle of LVEB in the perfume shop and in winter time it was great to smell this scent. The bottle is simplistic yet elegant and lovely with the accent bow. Apricot blooming into something a bit more serious, mature, slightly warmer apricot jam. After smelling it on a friend who was wearing it during a hike, of all things...I asked what perfume she was wearing and when she said it was Lancome LVEB I thought ‘Oh wow, how could this sweet, mainstream, fragrance appeal to me? I'm usually a fan of sweet fragrances but I've had multiple samples of LVEB over the years and I can't understand the hype. It’s ultra feminine and it’s appropriate in any season at anytime of the day. I know it repulses some and others say it’s headache and even nausea inducing, and I could see how that maybe the case for some if you don’t take to sweetness — just not for me. If you are thinking about picking this up just do it! This perfume is a nice sweet, powdery, warm and feminine perfume. !’ Followed by, ‘Damn this smells divine on a hike...’ After that day I fought with myself about buying it but a week later I got myself a 100ml bottle. Go smell Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Orchid (2020 purple bottle, new). Nothing else. And I love it. It’s been 2 hours since it’s been sprayed on my wrist, and it is still sickly sweet and cloying, doesn’t appear that it will dry down to be mellow and alluring like the blotter. I know that I shouldn't know what I am getting, but he wanted to make sure that he didn't get something I would never wear. I don't like it because it is so intense, it has a gigantic trail that leaves everyone nauseous. La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum entwines the elegance of iris with the strength of patchouli. At the time flower bomb edp was my signature scent, but LVEB was the powerful mature and rich older sister. I cannot discern the notes in it, it is simply LVEB. I often layered Mugler Angel with the exclamation and got a scent extremely similar to this, which I love.. imagine my delight when I discovered LVEB. Versions that are currently available for sale have the inscription La vie est belle on the atomizer. I don’t like overly sweet fragrances but to me LVEB isn’t really *that* sweet. Same with all the flankers of this I tried. I can see a teenage girl loving this, but I don't think it works for a grown woman. I love this perfume, I can definitely smell a sweet truffle scent going on. This is not an elegant mixture but it is not unpleasant either. LVEB is the poster child for female perfumes of the 21st century, it totally encapsulates the sweet and gourmand trend most designer perfumes are following these days. A beautiful, elegant scent. I have brought many other perfumes inbetween but this still remains in my possession constantly and what I consider my signature. I hope to find it and know if my taste for this perfume has changed, and I also stopped using it because I think it’s way too strong and the truth is that there are many people who wear this perfume and I want something more unique. Perfume is on the market to make us feel better about ourselves in the first place, ladies. "La vie est belle," a French expression meaning "life is beautiful," is about choosing your own path to happiness and inspiring others. Lancôme is the type of company that usually launches great fragrances, which become a sales success, every five years or so. But now I have them for quite some time and I don’t think that anymore. It smells cheap and dated. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. Not as vintage smelling but very classic, i can't see anyone disliking it because it's such a neutral good smelling perfume. It’s so crazy. Painful to smell. Not only I wear it, but also I spritz some on my pillow at night and then fall sleep wonderfully. the initial spray was pleasant, but i must admit this scent does not excite me. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. Le sourire sur la face et toujours cool :D I think there are people out there who will love this. You are having 0 respect for the stomachs of people around you. Finally I get this ebook, thanks for all these Indochine La Vie Est Belle Lyrics Genius Lyrics I can get now! Or perhaps some people really just don’t like sweet perfumes. I've never really liked many Lancome perfumes and I figured I wouldn't like this one either. OMG....I’m over 45! One spray on my wrist made my whole house smell like La Vie est Belle. The notes sound fine, but actually undistinguishable in the scent itself and the result is just a chemical over-sugared mess. so many fake sites. In fact, lveb has always reminded me of original tresor while la nuit has no relation to the original, Lately I’ve been wanting something rich and decadent. So, when I received a sample of it, I tried it for several days and to be quite honest, it wasn't that sweet nor heavy. $76.03 $ 76. You CANNOT go wrong with this perfume. Lancôme proclaims that every moment together is a gift with its La Vie Est Belle fragrance and offers a special deal on its Holiday Beauty Box. Smooth menthol with some berry fruits on top. I love LVEB, dont find it to sweet or to strong ,just right . I like having a diverse fragrance wardrobe so although this on the sweet/girly side, I don't mind it at all. Sweet, feminine, intense and durable. I bought it for my mum for Christmas as she's always wanted it, due in part to the name, which she loved ('Life is beautiful'). Literally. This is one of the few perfumes I received compliments on and that’s rare for me. Iris is the key ingredient of the perfume, surrounded by orange blossoms and jasmine in the heart. I’m sorry to those who enjoy it, but it literally makes my stomach churn. The scent itself might not be that bad but I really can't tolerate it. La Vie Est Belle is a new Lancome fragrance, available on the market from fall 2012. Fragrance Reviews: 1014551 Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. It lasts forever on clothing, but not so much on my skin. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. I received it from my sister many years ago. Nice adverts, though.Not so potent as years before. Very, very good, distinctive, strong perfume. Other popular fragrances like Flowerbomb, La Nuit Tresor, and Black Opium share a similar vibe but LVEB is unmistakable. This is my all time favourite perfume, I don’t care how ‘overdone’ it is. I didn't want to buy it for so long because is so popular but I've recently got myself a sample and I absolutely love it!