Built in the woods near the hamlet of Mill Village, the Teleglobe station is no longer the shadow of what it once was. Despite the fact that I went then to the website development world, I’ve always had this creative fiber who makes me appreciate the beautiful photos with this little voice in my head said, “How did he do it? We're just passionate about the image in the perpetual quest for new  photographic challenges. He is from Quebec, Canada and so we will have the privilege to read his interview in French too!Enjoy! Jp's Recent Tips See all 8 tips. [singlepic id=272 w=320 h=240 float=none]What will you recommand for people who would like to get into abandonned places photography? I didn’t watch all of…, Viviourès Castle, also known as the Roquette Castle (Château de la Roquette) is located in the department of Herault, in the south of France. Qu’est-ce qu’on y fabriquait, quelle est l’histoire de ce bâtiment? Exploration has been made with an authorization.…. We do not pretend to believe that our pictures will change anything in the future of these churches, factories, homes and other abandoned buildings. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone. Partager cette page sur. So make sure that your mom is not waiting you for dinner!Do you have any funny story (amuzing moment) to tell us regarding one of your sessions?There is this abandoned school where the owner came to us and request a $10 cover charge and has even tried to sell me a dog. The advantage of a 4 hours ride to visit an abandoned sawmill is that we increase our chances of finding an intact place without the slightest trace of vandalism. For the external flash, I use a SB-800.I particularly like my 24-120 lens who gives me great flexibility, especially when visiting abandoned places. I present few of my shoots on my personal website. Ayant débuté avec un Nikon D70, j’utilise aujourd’hui un Nikon D700. Can you please introduce yourself a bit and tell us what you do regarding Photography? Le misérable appareil 35 mm que j’avais auparavant avait fait tellement de ravage avec mes photos de voyages que le matin où je me suis retrouvé avec un appareil numérique entre les mains, j’ai enfin réalisé tout le potentiel. “Or” Wow, this is the kind of picture I would have liked to take “…, Ce sont des études en cinéma qui m’ont fait découvrir le monde de la composition de l’image. Lancer le diaporama. It must first be known that it is located at the top of an artificial mountain made of rubble and other residues from the buildings destroyed during the Second World War. / Longueuil (5 km) Published 2 days ago ... maganée, abusée, abandonnée... ÉCHANGES ACCEPTÉS c FIAT BARC... $18,000. Cette fois ci nous allons vous faire découvrir une usine abandonnée avec ses souterrains. While in 2003 there was 2751 places of worship in Quebec, 270 of them were sold, closed or transformed in the space of ten years. Bonjour a tous voici le second épisode de notre série EXPLORE. Project ideas abound for this old provincial jail today abandoned. The first one refers to photos taken in urban areas while the second determines the photographs taken in rural areas. If your shot is not what you’re looking for, delete it and retry.To visit the abandoned places, although the law prohibits you from entering a property without the consent of the owner, be sure to do it safely: never alone and always well equipped (cellphone, flashlight, closed shoes, extra batteries , etc.). © 2018 Urbex Playground is a creation of Jarold & go. 25 janv. L'usine Longueuil, Longueuil, Quebec. Dec 17, 2014 - The abandoned factory of Saint Hubert, borough of Longueuil, south shore of Montreal, Quebec, is part of a former military base. On a un peu l’impression que le temps s’est arrêté. Il y a bien cette école abandonnée où le propriétaire est venu nous trouver pour nous charger 10$ pour la visite des lieux et qui a même essayé de me vendre un chien. Aug 18, 2015 - mirabel airport - we drove to montreal to fly to las vegas C’est l’ère du numérique qui m’a fait découvrir et apprécier la photo il y a de ça environ 10 ans. 1.6K likes. There is so much to see! The exodus of churches is not a secret. Que s’y est-il passé? Montérégie / Brossard (11 km) Published 39 days ago 2 Photos. Of its contents, Urbex Playground wishes to preserve the memory of these abandoned, destroyed or dilapidated places who have made the glory of our fathers and which today we have, alas, not enough compassion. Sonia Hurtubise. Côté lentilles, je travaille avec une Nikkor 24-120mm, un Sigma 105mm, un Nikkor 50mm ainsi qu’un fisheye Nikkor 16mm. Is there a photographer or person’s work that you admire or inspires you? Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. So you realize that it’s a racing against the clock and you have a sense of pride when you can get into places full of history that will disappear…. Sonia Hurtubise Dominic Malette. If a little more than half... First of all, Urbex Playground is about urban and rural photography lovers. I have great admiration for Boogie, a photographer from New York who has been taken extremely hard pictures of street gangs, drug addicts and poverty in Brooklyn. Opened in 1531 in Anvers to replace the old stock exchange in Hofstraat, the "Handelsbeurs" (New Exchange) was designed by the Antwerp architect, Domien De Waghemakere (1460-1542) and burnt down on two occasions, in 1583 and 1858. Make : Porsche. I can’t just limit myself to few new technics. Il y a également Lee Jeffries que j’ai découvert via 500px qui est l’un des meilleurs portraitistes que je connaisse. Bonjour tout le monde ! Comment vais-je exploiter ce lieu? Centre d'entraînement CrossFit de 10,000 pc à Longueuil. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème hélicoptère, paysage industriel, usine abandonnee. This old house is still well preserved, despite some vandalism in some rooms, but not that much.…, If you liked The Shinning movie, maybe you will like this urban exploration of an abandoned vacation center (winter / summer camp), in France. Today, I work with a D700 which gives me considerable latitude. Lorsqu’on entre dans une vieille usine abandonnée, des milliers de questions et d’images nous viennent en tête. Apparemment, le bâtiment servait à fournir en chauffage les entrepôts et hangars voisins. Like this, our visitors will be able to visite your own website. Jp's Saved Places. First of all, Urbex Playground is about urban and rural photography lovers. Bouches-du-Rhône France Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Usine. And the trend is still moving in the same path. Côté flash, j’utilise un SB-800.J’aime particulièrement la lentille 24-120 qui est un excellent passe-partout. More than a dozen projects have been launched in the air: a... More than a century of expertise in the construction of mega steel structure that represents hundreds of projects from coast to coast. Une maison de Longueuil abandonnée depuis plus de 10 ans exaspère les voisins, inquiets pour leur sécurité et découragés de l’aspect négligé que prend le quartier. Aug 25, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Tania Wilson-Benjamin. It’s my film studies that made me discover the world of image composition. Photos par Yanoo Pix Site : Usine sucrière désaffectée à Pierrefonds - Réunion Tous droits réservés Although Shelburne Youth Centre opens in 1948, the origins of the penitentiary institution come from as far back as 1865 when is founded the Halifax Industrial School for Boys. Otherwise, apart these -20°C photo sessions in the middle of nowhere, our adventures are pretty quiet … I have not yet had the opportunity to photograph few Martians or a couple of flying marmots. Exploring and photographing the World is one of his passions. Many trees…, Exploring two abandoned houses in Quebec, and more specifically, in the Eastern Townships, here are some pictures of those places left almost in ruins. The wretch 35mm camera that I had previously made so many mess with my travel photos so when I got the chance to switch to a digital camera, I finally realized its full potential. N’hésitez pas à faire le tour de votre sujet, de l’exploiter sous tous ses angles. Jp's Recent Lists. cv i c It is the respect of the places we have visited and to whom we have a great admiration. 1.6K likes. The site is divided into two main themes: urbex and rurex. You'll also be the first to know when they release new music and merch. Heavily damaged by the time, the old copper mine is closed for several years. However, if you have pictures or information about any abandoned places, do not hesitate to contact us. Just by just keep your eyes open can make you learn a lot. Category People & Blogs; Song Lone; Artist What So Not, GANZ; Album Divide & Conquer; Licensed to YouTube by WMG, [Merlin] XelonEntertainment (on behalf of Sweat It … L'usine Longueuil, Longueuil, Quebec. You can also consult the map for the various cities visited. All the shots you can do are flashing in your head and you realize that you will have to stay there for hours if you want to take all the pictures you have in mind. J’utilise également le site 500px pour présenter quelques unes de photos. But not that easy to understand him. Driving across the Montérégie, we found this old house, almost invisible from the country road. Posted on juillet 6, 2014 mai 5, 2020 0 1 m read . Longueuil. 8 places including Montréal Poutine, Usine Bar & Bouffe, Parc Angrignon, Parc La Fontaine. I really discover photography world with the digital era ten years ago. Location won’t be mentioned. Elle m’offre une très grande latitude, spécialement lors des visites des lieux abandonnés. Save "Bonne poutine! See all lists in Longueuil. Ancienne Rizerie – Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône. We are not vandals or people necessarily involved in the preservation of these places. De plus, dans plusieurs cas, ces visites permettent d’immortaliser les lieux avant leur démolition.Je me rappelle de cet hôpital abandonné de Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts où je m’y étais aventuré un peu par hasard. Centre d'entraînement CrossFit de 10,000 pc à Longueuil. Mal équipé, on avait fait quelques photos en se promettant d’y revenir mieux équipé. L'usine Longueuil, Longueuil, Quebec. Is there a place in particular that you would like to go into and take pictures of? The last 180 employees picked up their belongings and closed the door behind them, thus ending an industrial history of over 125 years. Il y a donc un certain sentiment de course contre la montre et une certaine fierté de pénétrer dans des lieux débordant d’histoire qui sont appelés à disparaître pour plusieurs d’entre-eux. There are so many … The easiest way would be to list the places where I would not like to go … Sometimes the best photo is taken one block away and not from the other side of the world …, Il y en a tant… Le plus simple serait de faire la liste des lieux où je ne voudrais pas aller… Parfois, la meilleure photo se prend à un pâté de maison et non pas de l’autre bout du monde ….